Best Treks in Maharashtra That You Should do

Travelling to Maharashtra during the rainy season is the best way to fully appreciate the monsoon’s magical effects. There is nothing more delightful than discovering all the hiking locations close to Maharashtra. To go away from your bust-out out-of-world experience, try this one of the rejuvenating treks. Every hiking location in Maharashtra will aid your rejuvenation and provide a worthwhile vacation from your everyday grind. You can carefully organize a hiking trip across Maharashtra’s countryside to explore your inner self and reconnect with nature.

Kalsubai Trek

The most prestigious hike in the state of Maharashtra is the Kalsubai Trek, which is regarded as the state’s highest mountain. It is situated at the height of roughly 5400 ft and is not very challenging. There is plenty of water available. Every trekker is lured to Kalsubai Temple, which is located at the top and is flanked by the Sahyadris peaks Alang, Madan, Kulang, Ratangad, and Ajoba. If you’re lucky, Harihargad, Harishchandragad, and Ratangad can also have imposing sceneries on a vivid and lovely day. The locals think that this place is named after a little woman named Kalsu who worked as a housemaid in a nearby village. After making an unsuccessful attempt to flee the family she was working for, she disappeared into the meadows. She then lived in the mountains till she passed away at the peak.

Lohagad Fort Trek

One of the most incredible treks around Mumbai and Pune is Lohagad Fort, which is perfect for novices. At a height of about 1,033m (3,389 ft) above sea level, the fort is located close to this place. In the Maratha Kings’ strategic trade route, Lohagad, which means “Iron fort” in Marathi, had a tremendous impact. Due to its accessibility, simplicity of access, and beautiful natural environs, this place is an excellent hiking destination for hikers from Pune and Mumbai. Especially during the rainy season, the Lohagad hike is highly well-liked. The walk begins in Malavli, which is about 7 km from this place. The trip from Malavli to Lohagad may be completed in two hours and is easy, beautiful, and pleasant.

Bhimashankar trek

One of the most well-known and popular hiking routes in the world is Bhimashankar. And in the middle of the monsoon season, the majority of them go hiking here. You may access the Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary’s core directly via this trekking route. Various flying birds, adorable langurs, and spotted dears may all be seen everywhere in this breathtaking forest. The shekru, which is the featured species of the Bhimashankar walk, may perhaps be spotted if you are really lucky in your hiking. The Bhimashankar sanctuary’s jungle is home to the Malabar Giant Squirrel as well. The Shidi Ghat path offers a more difficult face throughout your beginner trekking experience, which keeps your best trekking experiences. This is true whether you go alone, in groups, or with friends who are also beginners. You might choose to take the Ganesh Ghat path for a peaceful trekking trip if you’re not a fan of more adventure.

Ratangad Fort Trek

Ratanwadi is 6 km away from Rathangad Fort. Alternatively, you may go roughly 183 km from Pune, 197 km from Mumbai, and 23 km from Bhandardara to get to this fort. One of the old hills, this trucking location is easily accessible from Ratanwadi village in Ahmednagar. One of Maharashtra’s greatest forts, it is a great starting point for treks around the Maharashtra region. With a hollow at the summit, its natural rock peak is distinctive. Nedhe, or Eye of the Needle rock, refers to this magnificent section of the rock. You have a choice between four gates to enter this fort. Ganesh is the name given to the first, Hanuman to the second, Konkan to the third, and Trimbak to the fourth. On the Fort, you can observe two caverns, which provide you with a tremendous sense of adventure. The first cave is smaller, with enough for 8–10 people. The second cave, in contrast, can accommodate 40–50 people and is larger than the first. To make your voyage more enjoyable, you can spend some time in this cave. Several wells up top might be enjoyed by you as well.

 Kalavantin Camping

The tallest mountain in the Western Ghats, Kalavantin Trek, is about 2,250 ft (686 m) high and is the showpiece of the region. In Maharashtra’s Raigad district, next to the Prabalgad fort, is where you may go hiking. Trekkers commonly refer to this location as Kalavantinicha Sulka, Kelve Teen, or Kalavantin Pinnacle. Other country hikers refer to this area as Kalavanti, Kalavati, and Kalawantin. This location is regarded as one of the top trekking locations in Maharashtra due to its higher frequency of tourists and pleasant trekkers. The Thakurwadi hamlet in the Karjat taluka lies around 3 km (2 miles) away from this hill. As soon as you arrive at Prabalmachi village, barely 2 km (nine and a half miles) from Thakurvadi. Reach the place where the peak route splits into two ways before beginning the Kalavantin hike. One is a quick route that leads to this trek, while the other is a little more difficult route that leads to the Prabalgad fort. The around 60-degree inclination of the hill makes it difficult to ascend to the top of this mountain. 

Rajmachi Fort Trek

There is about 15 km between Lonavala and Rajmachi Fort. At about 15 km, Khandala is also accessible. You may go around 82 km from Pune and Mumbai, respectively, if you choose a lengthy path. Located in Maharashtra’s Pune area, this Fort is one of the most well-known and historic forts. Another well-known tourist destination for hiking close to Mumbai is the Fort. The fort is one of the top hikes in Maharashtra and one of the top sites to see when in Lonavala. In Maharashtra, at a height of about 2710 ft above the ground, is a great and well-known fort. The fort is one of the sites that is preserved because of its historical value. Almost all visitors admire the most well-known site, therefore Lonavala in the Maharashtra district is a must-visit location. Two citadels, Shrivardhan and Manaranjan Forts, are included in the walk to this Fort. One of the most incredible treks in Maharashtra that you shouldn’t miss is the night walk to this fort. Additionally, the fort is well-known for its Firefly camping.

Harishchandragad  Trek

The distance between Khireshwar and Harishchandragad is about 8 km. You also have a choice of alternate routes, such as those that are around 15 km from Malshej Ghat, 50 km from Bhandardara, 166 km from Pune, and 218 km from Mumbai. In the Maharashtra district of Ahmednagar stands one of the most beautiful medieval hill forts, Harishchandragad. A wide range of individuals has become familiar with this Maharashtra cultural site. At about 1,424m above the base settlement, Harishchandragad is located. The guarding and simultaneous control of the surrounding territories have been greatly aided by this fort. You will feel gratified when you arrive at the location after a gruelling trip because of the fort’s literary significance. If you enjoy hiking and appreciate history, this is one of the Maharashtra treks that you just must do.

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