Offbeat Summer Getaways Around Bangalore

When these breathtakingly unique spots nearby Bangalore are ready to enchant you, staying in on a day off shouldn’t be an option for the locals of Bangalore. Pack your luggage for an incredibly relaxing weekend getaway as you browse our selection of the less visited tranquil locations close to Bangalore. They provide everything you could want from a weekend getaway, including nature, culture, and entertainment. When picking among the top weekend getaways from Bangalore, visitors will be overwhelmed by the exciting combination of natural beauty, adventure, and delicious food on offer. Even if the city is a fantastic place to live, everyone needs to relax and rejuvenate once in a while, and that’s when you’ll be grateful for the wide range of beautiful weekend getaways from Bangalore.

Skandagiri Trek

One of, if not the greatest, unique places to visit close to Bangalore is Skandagiri. You’re tempted to go on an adventure by the tough terrain and high terrain. Without a sure, go climbing and trekking, and look at how serene and calm the area is. It is about 1450 m above sea le Kalevala’s town close to Kalevala’s town. You’re sure to be impressed with this location, an old fortification hill. Tipu Sultan erected this fort to fend off the British. The fortification was demolished, nevertheless, in 1791 when Tipu was defeated. Currently, all that is left of the stronghold is the temple. You may hike around 8 km up the hill to see the top’s historic temple and take in the breathtaking scenery.

Antara Gange

The Shathashrunga mountain range, which lies south of Bangalore, has the mountain, Antara Gange. The location is home to the well-known Sri Kashi Vishweshwara temple, which draws the bulk of visitors. Due to the presence of seven notable villages in the area, including Therhalli, you may also investigate village tourism. This is the place for you if you enjoy stargazing and thinking about the marvels of the sky. The natural tunnels created by the rocks can be explored if you arrive early. After finishing your cave exploration, you might go hiking in the adjacent hills. From Bengaluru, all of this is just around 80 km away. Make sure you visit the location on a day with a clear sky only.


Welcome to the largest monolith hill in Asia, one of the most interesting quirky locations close to Bangalore. You may fully explore your sense of adventure thanks to the landscape. Being one of the top trekking locations close to Bangalore, the ample opportunity to participate in other activities like camping, hiking, and night trekking is an added plus. This hill, which is perched at a height of about 1226 m above sea level, is perfect for a day trip to go camping. Adventure seekers may also go kayaking and night trekking. The Bili Gudda and Kaprigudda summits might also be scaled.


One of the best places for families to go away from Bangalore is the little town of Kanakapura. With a wide variety of adventure camps, resorts, bird-watching locations, and nature walk, this place is an unbeatable choice for vacationers seeking to unwind. Despite being so near to Bengaluru, it is unaffected by the city’s bustle. Camping calmly by the Kabbala forest in this location is ideal for a weekend retreat. With a variety of plants and animals, you may see creatures like elephants, leopards, and bears among others (from a safe distance).

Manchinbele Dam

The Manchinbele Dam’s surroundings include rocky boulders, lush deciduous trees, and tranquil backwaters. This dam, which is located in the foothills of Savandurga, is another one of the top off-the-beaten-path locations close to Bangalore. Due to the peace, tranquillity, and natural beauty this spot offers, many people come here. Cool, pure water abounds at Manchanabele Dam. Additionally, there are little hills with luxuriant green trees surrounding the dam, giving the area an even more captivating appearance. The area has a mesmerizing appearance at sunrise and sunset because of how the various sky colours contrast with the lush vegetation and the azure lake. It’s the perfect place to go for a long weekend trip from Bangalore.

Chunchi Falls

These falls are located at a distance of around 80 km and are best seen during monsoon season. They are on the way to Sangamma and Mekedatu. On the route to the falls, you may hike and stop at a church tower for a panoramic view of the lovely surroundings. Just a word of advice: stay away from these waterways; these are crocodiles’ natural habitat. The trip to these Falls is peaceful, with gorgeous meadows along the route. The lovely falls are accessible only after a journey from the destination. I can assure you that you would not mind making an extended walk to spend time relaxing close to the falls. I witnessed the beautiful Cauvery river letting herself down here, and I shall never forget that sight. However, the only thing marring the view are the shadows of other travellers. Even still, some places are both beautiful and uninhabited.

Nandi Hills

If you’re seeking a mountain hideaway, Nandi Hills is one of the greatest off-the-beaten-path locations near Bangalore. The Nandi Hills may be welcomed with open arms if you’re seeking a brief trip but a lengthy rejuvenating escape. This hidden gem will offer you a revitalizing start to your weekend because it is situated around 4,851 ft above sea level. There are enjoyable activities available for adventurers, such as paragliding. You can even bike or cycle to Nandi Hills because the landscape is so stunning. Early morning or just before dusk are the ideal times to explore these Hills (early evening). The best times to see the hills are at sunrise and sunset because tourists can take in the vivid red, yellow, and orange colours that surround them.


Go to Kabini if you enjoy nature and want to take a relaxing vacation in a beautiful, green setting. The Forest Reserve boasts a spectacular view of wooded hills, a steady flow of the Kabini River, and tumbling waterfalls in addition to a wide diversity of flora and wildlife. Take a boat safari to see rare bird species, or enjoy coracle riding as a herd of elephants swims in the water. You may also take a happy elephant safari to Kabini, which is home to many Asiatic elephants, and see its rocky landscapes and dense forests. Families with little children would love a morning jeep safari in Nagarhole National Park. Obtain the Bengal tiger, Indian bison, bonnet macaque, golden jackal, pangolin, and other exotic creatures in their native environment.


Chikamagalur, a major commercial and trading centre of Karnataka, is surrounded by vast coffee plantations and offers stunning views of the valley. But it doesn’t end there. Numerous natural parks, wildlife sanctuaries, hill getaways, and locations for adventure sports may be found in the town. Enjoy rafting in the untamed Bhadra River as the Western Ghats’ beautiful green shadow falls over you. Obtain comfort while travelling to Mullayanagiri. The mountain, which is known for its tranquil atmosphere, lies tucked between the Nilgiri Hills and the Himalayas. Due to its rocky, rough terrain, the region is well-liked by hikers. Do not forget to add the caves in Bharath Wildlife Sanctuary and Inam Dattatreya Peetha to your tour plans. Visiting the Rock Garden, Z Point, Hebbe Falls, Kalahasti Falls, Bababudan Hill Town, and the Shiva temple are all worthwhile day trips from Bangalore to Kemmanagundi if you have the time.

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