Weekend Getaways From Bangalore That Will De-Stress Your Mind

These top weekend getaways from Bangalore can help you unwind, revitalise, and relax. Explore some fantastic spots for weekend trips from Bangalore with family, friends, or even on your own. Choose from adventure, leisure, wildlife, heritage, and more destinations.

Shivanasamudra Falls

The Shivanasamudra Falls, which are found in the Mandya District, are a must-see destination due to their breathtaking beauty and serene surroundings. The second-largest waterfall in the nation, this fall, drop from a height of about  320 ft. The Gaganachukki Falls and the Bharachukki Falls are the downstream termini of the Cauvery River, which divides into two. Unlike the Gaganachukki Falls, which can only be seen from a tower, the Bharachukki Falls may be reached from the bottom and seen from a closer distance. In the Cauvery, you may go on a boat trip. The boatmen in this area are pretty skilled and will make sure you have an exciting time as they transport you close to the falls. The town’s centre has the Ranganathaswamy Temple, which you may visit. You may purchase food, local handicrafts, clothing, brass and wood goods, and other items at the marketplaces that surround the temple. Here, trekking is another popular pastime.


Those who live in Bangalore frequently travel to Mysore on the weekends. There are several well-kept tourist attractions in this city in southwest Karnataka, which has a long tradition. Shopping options include well-liked commodities like silk, sandalwood, and handicrafts. Millions of tourists from around the world come to Mysore to celebrate Dussehra. To experience the splendour of the Mysore Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, go there. Visit the Mysore Zoo to see gorgeous and unique animals and birds. Visit the Brindavan Gardens for a leisurely evening. Visit the Chamundeshwari Temple, which is situated on the Chamundi Hills, or St. Philomena’s Cathedral, which is among the highest cathedrals in Asia. The nooks and crannies of Mysore may be discovered by renting a vehicle or a bicycle.


Ooty is a beautiful region filled with blossoming flowers, singing birds, squirrels munching nuts, and a vast expanse of greenery. It is a hill station that boasts of a comfortable environment all year round. Not only is the scenery something you want to photograph, but you also want to leave a lasting impression on your heart and spirit. It works well for families, couples, lone travellers, and groups of friends. To see the Nilgiri Tahr, travel by bicycle or stroll to the Mukruthi mountain. Discover the entire procedure by going to the Ooty Tea Factory. Take a sip of freshly made tea and let the flavour and scent sweep you away. There are several must-see sights in the area, including Avalanche Lake, Doddapetta Peak, Pykara Lake and Waterfall, and Rose Garden. In Ooty, several resorts provide beautiful vistas, first-rate amenities, and affordable costs. Book your travel in advance.


Coorg, one of Southern India’s most stunning hill towns, is encircled by the lush Western Ghats. The hill station, also known as Kodagu, is a terrific place to unwind over the weekend and recharge since it has beautiful vistas and a constantly good environment. There’s a good reason it is referred to as the Scotland of India! There are several activities and places to discover. White river rafting is a fantastic experience that you just must not miss if you love adventure. Tourists may go on car safaris and elephant safaris at the nearby Nagarhole National Park. Expert hikers are drawn to the Tadiandamol summit because of the difficult path! All around this place, other, more manageable hikes are professionally organized. Most of the perspectives are lovely and provide amazing views that you may appreciate.


Pondicherry is a beautiful weekend seaside retreat as well. Couples and young people like taking vacations in this Union Territory. The city still includes buildings that stand out for their French-style design, and it exudes a colonial vibe. The city is full of joy and happiness, and the cuisine is excellent and inexpensive. You should check out scuba diving in this area. In Auroville, you may get your fill of calm and tranquillity. Residents of this experimental township hail from more than 54 different nations and the township are kept up with lovely gardens and spotless beaches. Explore the vibrant streets on a bike or bicycle that you may rent. Do not skip seeing the nearby cute tiny churches. Visit Sri Aurobindo Ashram for your daily dose of spirituality.


As the former capital of the Vijayanagara Dynasty, Hampi is home to several unique and beautifully crafted temples and monuments. You should put Hampi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, on your list of Karnataka places to visit. Here, there are still over 1,600 Vijayanagara Empire temples, monuments, buildings, and memorials. Two different things that make this place enticing are excellent shopping and delicious dining. Go explore this place with many temples and ruins. The town’s natural splendour will appeal to photographers to your taste. On the other side of Hampi Town, check out Hippie Island. This is a hidden gem for travellers with continental cuisine and fantastic hut accommodations. Get to Matanga Hill by climbing the Veerabhadra Temple. Sunsets are spectacular in this area since it is the highest point in this place. With a scooter that you may rent, you can explore the town and take in all of its unique features.

Kunti Betta Trek

Great opportunities for adventurous activities may be found in the area surrounding Bangalore. The spirit of adventure is in the air, and whether you enjoy living life to the fullest or not, you will ultimately develop this passion. Geographically speaking, Kunti Betta is located in Pandavapura, and the hills there are raised at the height of about 2882 m. Kayaking and rappelling are two activities you may try out during the day and each has its appeal. It is impossible to adequately describe the rush of entering the sea and facing them. Over here, the night walk is well-liked. Start your trip again at approximately one in the morning, and don’t worry about the company you’ll have many people with you who will appreciate the beauty of the starry night. Be sure to stay to see the dawn at the hills before you depart.

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